BREAKING NEWS- Oyo House of Assembly passes 3 bills into law

Oyo House of Assembly passes 3 bills into law.

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Oyo House of Assembly passes 3 bills into law

July 10, 2015

The Oyo State House of Assembly on Friday in Ibadan, passed three out of the five bills awaiting final reading.

The Chairmen of the Ad-hoc Committees on Merging of Ministries, Afeez Adeleke and Bolaji Badmos, said the bills passed included the Oyo State Laws Repeal Bill 2015.

According to them, others are Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Cooperatives Bill 2015 and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Bill 2015.

They said two other bills that had not been passed would be discussed and passed when the committees submit its report on July 28 when the Assembly reconvened.

“The bills are Ministry of Education, Science and Technology bill 2015, Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Cooperatives bill 2015 and Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Urban Development Law 2015.”

The chairmen, while submitting their report, told the House that they had scrutinised the bills and found them good for the state.

Responding, the Speaker of the House, Michael Adeyemo, commended the two ad-hoc committee members for doing the House proud with their prompt response to the passage of the bill.

Adeyemo said that the state would achieve greatness, considering the zeal, dedication, commitment of the current lawmakers in the state.

He later adjourned the plenary to Tuesday, July 28.

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                                                                                                                            By Yomi Oguntoyinbo

Bags of cowries travel abroad                                                                                                                  Through the back doors                                                                                                                    Inheritances our fathers left us                                                                                                      Mysteriously disappear                                                                                                                            To enrich sons of other land                                                                                                            This, the gimmickry of beloved brothers

Thingamajig, thingamabob, thingy…                                                                                                   It drops in our soul.                                                                                                                               As the night manoeuvres the day                                                                                                           They, the destiny of the people                                                                                              Changing the course of things to come                                                                                                The more we see the less we become.

Now, we are left with nothing                                                                                                               But a future stolen                                                                                                                           Generations unborn, like the camel                                                                                              This burden to bear so cruel

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had boasted that it is poised to win more states in the governorship election despite the outcome of the Presidential election. They said their candidates are very popular and widely accepted in their various states especially in Lagos, Oyo, Ogun and other PDP ruling states. While the All Progressive Congress (APC) is more confident in the victory they had in the Presidential election and that voters would replicate the same gesture by pledging their loyalty to the APC. ‎

However the Buhari factor could come into play as the people of the region as excited at the prospect of being in the same boat as the party that controls the center. This could have a bearing on Saturday’s polls. Governorship elections would hold in only Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States. In Ondo, Ekiti and Osun only state assembly polls will hold.

Lagos seems allergic to the PDP. Prior to the 2015 elections, the APC controlled the three senatorial districts, the 24 House of Representatives seats and the 40 House of Assembly seats, giving the APC 100 per cent control of Lagos. Even when the entire South-West fell to the PDP in 2003, Lagos stood its ground and refused to join the bandwagon.

Jimi Agbaje of PDP has stated that the people of Lagos had nothing to fear since Buhari had promised not to run a vindictive government. Lagos, which generated about N300bn in Internally Generated Revenue last year, is one of the few states that are economically viable. I can say that he has more loyal friends now from the market people and the bus drivers who can not forget what the present state government did to them; taking their shops and LASTMA craze all in the name of restructuring Lagos.

The Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola, through an emotional letter to Lagosians, said that the people of Lagos would be doing a great disservice to themselves if they allowed Lagos to fall to the PDP.

Both Agbaje and Ambode are from Lagos-East senatorial district but due to the heterogeneous demography of Lagos, most voters will not vote based on where a candidate comes from.

As the clock ticks, the people of Lagos hold their breath in anticipation of who will carry the day in the April 11 governorship election. The joy of APC would be boundless and historic for Nigeria which for the first time, Lagos and the centre under the same party.
Ajimobi-led government in Oyo State had done well in the last four years and deserved another term to complement the good work. If last election results are anything to go by, Ajimobi will mop up the votes in his native Ibadan and enjoy support from all other parts of the state. If he emerges victorious, Ajimobi will make history as the first governor of the state to be re-elected for a second term since 1999

In Ogun State, incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun of the APC will surely have no qualms in his bid to return for a second term. The Southwest seems to have been caught up in the APC tsunami and it won’t stop until it gets done with the governorship. The All Progres­sives Congress in Ogun State won the results of Saturday’s presidential election in 11 out of the 17 local gov­ernment areas. APC cry is that the PDP is known for violence as a usual stock in trade.

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Nigerian presidential election initially slated for February 14th was postponed for a 6 week period and rescheduled for March 28th, 2015. As the presidential election approaches with major party candidates in a war of character assassination rather than on the issues, those policy and performance matters taking the back seat. Generally, the recent activities of the political parties in trying to gain the loyalty of voters shows that Nigerians are indecisive, considering the propaganda used by the two political parties-PDP and APC. The branded gifts, brown envelops given to electorates to buy their votes by the two parties are acts of corruption in itself. None of them is the better.

The Survey by Sahara Reporters showed detailed overview of survey questionnaire comprised of 42 questions covering the following topics: (a) demographic questions covering gender, educational attainment, income, region of origin, place of domicile and location at which voter’s registration was done (b) 2011 electoral choices (c) 2015 voting intent (d) respondents’ political views and (e) motivating factors for the choice of Presidential candidate. The survey emphatically confirmed that Muhammadu Buhari is on track to win the 2015 Presidential elections with about 32.3 million total votes, while Goodluck Jonathan will obtain about 7.7 million votes. The combined tally for the two candidates will average about 40 million votes. But it was earlier reported that Jonathan would win the South East (65%) and South South (71%) geo-political zones, but the new survey results indicate that he will likely lose to Buhari in the two regions winning only about 42% of the votes in the South East and 38% in his own region, the South- South. It is not clear to us whether the issue of corruption was conflated by respondents to be an all-encompassing issue that affects other key areas of voter’s concern. This would be the case if respondents believed that the security challenges and the inability of the Nigerian military to effectively contain the Boko Haram crisis are linked with corruption. Similar sentiments that might blame lax economic growth on corruption and embezzlement of funds, could also potentially explain why corruption is taking on a central role in this electoral cycle. While the underpinning factors that have made corruption the primary driver of the 2015 elections are not very clear, the fact is that majority of voters (59%) are making their choice for president based on the corruption standing of the candidates, with a larger number of them (58% of all voters) selecting Muhammadu Buhari as the clear anti-corruption champion compared to 0.8% for Jonathan. These numbers are a significant boon for Muhammadu Buhari. It appears that events in the last 6 weeks have further cemented in the minds of voters, their perception that Jonathan and the government he leads is corrupt. In a clear reversal of the 2011 polling results, Muhammadu Buhari also leads Jonathan amongst Christian voters (72% vs 28% for Jonathan ), while he has a staggering 96% advantage over Jonathan amongst Muslim respondents (98% vs 2%). This can be concluded that the Vice Presidential candidate Yemi Osinbajo is the reason for the sudden love for Buhari. While the story might seem generally positive for Buhari and the APC, the survey results however reveal some deep issues that voters have with both candidates and parties. Nigerians do not view Buhari or the APC as being particularly strong on the economy and in job creation – which are amongst the top priorities of voters. Should our results be validated and Buhari and the APC triumph at the polls, they can expect a short honey moon period, as voters will very quickly begin to expect to see results in the key areas of major concern; ending the Boko Haram insurgency, driving economic growth, tackling unemployment & job creation, and solving the lingering power crisis. Buhari’s mandate – if he wins, will not be to wage a war on corruption to the exclusion of the actual issues that matter to voters. He and his party will have to do more than usual promises.

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Why Google shut down Linda Ikeji Blog

images (3)

Linda Ikeji

Google, on Thursday, explained that it does not tolerate the violation of its Terms of Service, which include intellectual property theft, but declined to categorically say that was why  it shut down popular Nigerian blog, Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

The company said it  does not discuss individual accounts.

The company had on Wednesday removed the blog from its Blogger platform days after an intellectual property activist reported the site for copyright infringement.

The firm said practices such as plagiarism diminish the experience of its users but said it would not discuss individual accounts.

“Google is dedicated to offering users the best possible experience across our products,” said Kola-Ogunlade,  the company’s communication and public affairs manager for Anglophone West Africa when contacted over the deletion of the popular blog.

“We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users. When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately.”

Linda Ikeji Blog which was hosted by Blogger, a Google-owned blogging platform, was pulled downWednesday following allegations of plagiarism and intellectual property theft.

On Tuesday, in a blog post, Ms. Ikeji accused “cybersquatters and hackers” of trying to bring her blog down.

She pointed a finger directly at Mukhtar Dan’Iyan, the Editor-in-Chief of US-based The 15 Past Eight Media Group, who uses the handle @AyeDee on Twitter.

Ms. Ikeji said Mr. Dan’Iyan was equally guilty of what he accused her of -lifting articles from other websites without permission, and alleged that he owned the domain name under an alias, Emmanuel Efremov.

In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Thursday, Mr. Dan’Iyan said he had emailed Ms. Ikeji repeatedly about content she lifted from his site before filing a formal DMCA complaint to Google.

A Digital Copyright Millenium Act, DMCA, is an avenue to report content that you would like removed from Google’s services under applicable laws.

According to Mr. Dan’Iyan, Ms. Ikeji had used over 10,000 copyrighted pictures and stories over the past five years without the authorisation of the copyright owners.

He also said “Emmanuel Efremov” was one of the directors in his company.

“Emmanuel has never tried to sell anything to Linda, nor has he ever demanded any sort of money from her. In fact, I doubt he’s ever had any interaction with here even in passing,” Mr. Dan’Iyan said.

Meanwhile Ms. Ikeji is still working on re-launching her site, which by Thursday afternoon was still shut down.

Late Wednesday night, on Twitter, she posted to her over 400,000 followers, “Oh wow! Thanks guys for all the love and support. I’m overwhelmed. Trying to get a new site…please bear with me. Long live LIB. Kisses…”

In a previous tweet following the shutdown, she had informed her followers that the blog was still up; apparently, a stop-gap arrangement.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Google did not specifically mention Linda Ikeji Blog while responding to our question in compliance with its policy not to discuss individual accounts.

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Infidelity-the-sanctity-of-marriage (1)/

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