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I believe you’ve heard the saying ‘when you stop learning, you start dying’, well it applies to all areas of life including your career.

There’s really no point being the most loyal, longest serving employer with nothing but the same monthly salary to show for it. Frankly, if you have worked in a certain company or line of business for a number of years and cannot be relied on to give valid information regarding your profession, you should be fired!

Here are some tips to stay fresh and relevant within your chosen field.

Read wide, like furiously – Make every effort to constantly add knowledge to yourself, never assume you know it all. Everyday, technology slaps us with something new and each time we are faced with the need to understand how these things affect our careers. Read as many books, ebooks, CDs, and any material that might be relevant to your career field.

Critically analyse everything you read, make sure that it is authentic  information by confirming the source. Ask questions at conferences, training programmes and meetings.

Stay in touch with news and updates – Always stay in touch with the latest information regarding your career, be it inventions, improvements or innovations. Request for soft or hard copies of a particular bulletin if it will keep you up to date with relevant information, subscribe to blogs, join professional groups on Linkedin, follow industry information on Twitter and Facebook.

Stay connected to people in your industry – Keep in touch with on-line and offline communities in your line of work. Linkedin is a good place to start. Join an association, network or alliance and attend as many seminars as you can. Expand your network.

Get a mentor – If possible, attach yourself to someone respected in your field. If you cannot find someone to mentor you, look for an author in your career field and stick with his/her books or CDs.

These simple steps will help to boost your self esteem and improve your chances of being recognised as indispensable  in your profession. Indispensable people make  lots of money.



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