Comparative Analysis of the Multimedia (Radio, Television, Print and the internet)

The mass media (newspaper, radio, television & recently internet) has greatly developed from the conventional way it used to be into a more diverse & interesting ways of disseminating information to their targeted, scattered, heterogeneous audience. For the purpose of this study, a few selected media organizations are used.

• The Punch and The Sun newspapers in Nigeria
• Washington Post in the United States of America
• Eko fm (107.5) and Brila fm (88.9) radio stations in Nigeria
• CNN International in the United States of America
• Channels television in Nigeria

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing news regarding current events, informative, educative & entertaining articles, features stories, editorials, and advertising. Newspaper was formally, text based medium of communication with d use of graphical illustration (the use of images which gives a clearer understanding of the text), e.g. The Punch & The Sun newspapers. One major advantage the newspaper has over other medium (radio & television); it ia a hard copy with more stories. It gives information about past events or history that can be stored for a long time for record or referral purposes.
In this modern day, some newspapers have evolved to video & audio broadcasting. For example, The Punch on their website has several videos on events (President Obama speaks on Nelson Mandela’s death, Edo Widow insulted by Oshiomhole, becomes millionaire, children & parents having fun at the Amusement Park Xmas festivity, etc ). The Sun newspaper like the Punch also has several columns, articles on sports, features and more.

Radio broadcasting in the conventional understanding, is a way of sending electromagnetic signals over a long distance, to deliver information from one place to another. Radio was audio based without picture, or video and limited in terms of satisfying man’s desire for information. A popular saying: “the eye is the window to the world” is a truth that can not be overemphasized. A large percentage of people would prefer to see and hear at the same time.

Do you know radio broadcasting has also evolved? For example on the websites of Eko fm, 107.5 and Brila fm 88.9, you can listen to audio information & watch videos, and read news events just like the newspaper with are graphical images and platforms for people to comment on any choice article.
The television is a transmission of dynamic or sometimes static images, generally with accompanying sound, via electric or electromagnetic signals. i.e audio and visual content or information. Thanks to the recently invented technology, that a station like CNN international television can transmit world news (politics, economy, culture, science & technology, entertainment and more) and is able to take viewers round the world. Looking at CNN on-line, you could see & read various columns, news from Africa, Asia, Europe U.S and other parts of the world.
According to research, newspaper does not have breaking news (information of a present event), not even on their website but CNN, Channelstv, does have instant, undiluted news.
One beautiful thing all the media have done recently is to embrace the use of social platforms like facebook, twitter handle, Linked-In, etc. to connect to their viewers, listeners & readers through their website, paper publication or broadcast.

Presently on most of the media websites, there are advertorials of sponsors, for example, Telecommunications, commercial banks, government organizations, etc.

Washington post for instance, has several segments like politics, Local, sports, technology, entertainment, etc and each of these segments have columns in them. One beautiful thing I observed is that it has blogs in each of these columns. E.g The rising economic pressures on non- equity law firm partners by Kenneth Anderson. It also has on its website video stories, text, image stories and does live-streaming of audio or video events. A visitor can navigate the pages with just a click on any link and it opens the full story on current issue(s). Washington post has a different styles from others, one can see different segments with related stories; it’s really interesting. On-line visitors can subscribe to have an account or to have unlimited access to the website, through mobile apps or Smartphone apps.

The print organizations’ websites use more of texts and images to publicize news while radio and television stations use more of live-streaming technology to disseminate news or to their target audience.


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